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Introducing Dawn to Dusk.

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

The Slow Life

Dawn to Dusk is a small lifestyle business created by two friends, Kirsty and Shannon. Over the past few months we have been overwhelmed with gratitude for the time and space to truly slow down our lives. Through lapping up the bliss that lies in stillness, we have reevaluated what is deemed most important in life. Ideas of mindfulness, Mother Nature and a sense of community came to light, and the undeniable interconnectedness of these concepts, resonated with us the most.

This year, despite being extremely difficult in so many spheres, has been an incredible reminder never to take life, our health or Mother Nature for granted. We feel that as guests on this beautiful, diverse planet, it is our responsibility to make necessary changes and move forward in a mindful manner. Slipping back into the old ‘normal’ way of life is no longer an option. We could not be more grateful for this time, having the opportunity to reflect, to grow and to steer our little business in the most sustainable way possible.

Insight into the heart and soul of our small business.  Our intention for our brand is pure and simple. We hope to combine our passion for creating with our deep love and respect for Mother Nature, while being guided by our own pillars of mindfulness and gratitude.

With much research and experimentation during the strange times this year offered us, the creation of our first collection, a clothing brand Mina & Manu, was created. Through this project, we hope to develop a more intimate relationship with clothing and the world around us. We have dived deep into the tradition and experimentation of natural dyes, and have fallen in love with the art of bringing new life to plant waste matter. By using only natural fibres and organic dyes, we are taking a conscious step towards the way nature intended it to be.

Slowly but surely relationships are being built with other small brands that are involved with community and charity work to collaborate. We look forward to expanded our little business with many more passion projects and collections. Our dream is to keep creating consciously made products that can be used in all aspects of daily life, while getting involved with nature conservation and community outreach programmes. Needless to say we have many ideas up our sleeves. We cannot wait to share them all with you.

“When you do things

 from your soul, 

You feel a river moving in you,

A joy." -Rumi

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