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Feminine Bonds with Nature.

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Over the last year the journey of Dawn to Dusk Collections has unraveled and evolved - an idea that sparked on a humid stroll through the Balinese streets, is now a living dream.

Over the last weekend of February 2021- we went on a Business Retreat in the Wilderness. Our motivations for going were the beauty of the wonderful place itself, and the insight we were seeking after a long couple of months since our initial launch. With a few hiccups along the way, all normal and nothing more than a learning curve, we realized that community and brainstorming ideas- and passions with other creatives and entrepreneurs is an essential aspect of why we started Dawn to Dusk Collections in the first place. Yes, it is a lifestyle brand that allows for us to use our creative instincts and love for aesthetic, and all things beautiful. But when faced with the why of our business, somehow it always comes back to the essence of community and our love for nature.

Meeting and growing up in Plettenberg Bay is what intensified this connection to nature - we are surrounded by natures abundance and beauty on the daily. From our vast ocean, to the indigenous mountains and the magical forests. Over the last couple of years individually we have been on a journey of getting more in touch and clued up on the impact we have on our surroundings- whether this be with nature or with those around us. The exploration of interconnectedness. Our friendship has always been one of ease, giggling about not knowing the exact moment of when we met and became friends. We have for some reason just always had a friendship that bonded over our similar interests, and how we express them in our own unique ways.

Our dream of Dawn to Dusk is to create a brand that represents our connection to both those we cherish and Mother Nature. We have two parts to our little business, two sectors and two ways of creating sustainable products. Firstly, we source one hundred percent all natural fabrics to create products that are designed to be an integral part of your day from Dawn to Dusk. And secondly, we collect beautiful things that may be deemed as ‘un-usable’, to give new life to them. Whether that is with dead-stock fabrics, buttons and trimmings that we Upcycle, or whether it is the plant matter we forage to use for eco-printing and plant dying.

Our first collection to go online and released in stores is an Ode to Our Younger Selves. Our inner playful, exploring, carefree, inner children. Our desire for adventure with friends. The collection is called Silver Linings. Each garment is made from 100% natural materials with a unique flare- we have Upcycled vintage buttons and trimmings. Our aim at Dawn to Dusk Collections is to create beauty while keeping our impact on the world in mind. Our agenda is to create bespoke sustainable, eco-friendly pieces that are both timeless and exclusive.

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