Where are you based from?

We are based out of Plettenberg Bay, a small town along the sunny garden route coastline, and Cape Town.

How do you support ethical packaging of your products?

As part of playing our part in our communities, we use Mielie Mailer for our courier packaging. Eco friendly packaging company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Combating carbon footprints by using natures  abundance (Mielies) to create flawless packaging for couriering. We love this company, and discovery of a business that shares a similar ethos to ours. 

How else are you promoting ethical and environmental change?

All of our business cards can be planted to create a beautiful plant. For each purchase new life is created. Along with this small initiative, we ethically source all fabrics used, we hand dye all items ourselves with only waster matter nature has provided so no chemical waste, and we promise our customers that all working environments are fair and safe.


We aim to follow the simple rule of reduce, reuse, recycle. Reduce-your carbon footprint by planting a beautiful plant and by making more conscious purchases of garments and everyday accessories. Reuse- all our offcuts are reused for decorative packaging for item deliveries and to create smaller accessories. Along with a new addition to our collections, we incorporate upcycled material, buttons and trimming into our products. Upcycling is an important conscious behaviour, as humans we naturally consume more than necessary, with this comes a demand for production of raw materials to create and sometimes an excess of such. At Dawn to Dusk, we source quality materials to give new life to by creating unique products. Recycle- all materials used through the process of creation are recycled, along with all our packaging, labels etc being recyclable.

Can we only purchase online?

 A majority of orders are made online since we do not have a brick and mortar store yet. However, we have the occasional pop up store which will be advertised on our Instagram page @dawntodusk_collections. We have also started to stock a small variety of customer favourites in a local stores.