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kula is a sanskrit word that translated means community, clan or tribe.

it is a word that is used in yoga communities to denote a sense of inclusion and belonging through the act of coming together to practice yoga.

for us, our kula starts with our team of wonder women who help bring our vision to life. 

so often throughout our lives we have heard the phrase 'your vibe attracts your tribe' and for us at Dawn to Dusk that has never felt more true than when we met our production team leader, Noleen, for the first time. noleen is a pillar of support and strength in her community of Kranshoek - for many years Noleen has had a small sewing studio in her house whereby she employs local ladies to cut, make + trim for brands, schools, you name it. we partnered up with noleen to bring our dream of local production in plett to life - to work alongside and support a community of talented seamstresses.


the team.

the team consists of three to five ladies, who are instrumental to bringing our vision to life - these women put in their utmost efforts to create our garments + homeware items relished by our customers.. we produce on a small scale and with product demand.



together with Noleen we hope to slowly expand in order to increase the demand for work, so our humble team can grow. our aim is to create jobs for skilled and talented seamstresses in south africa to aid us, and others, in creating a well-oiled machine. 

our aim is to create a circular ecosystem that focuses on elements of skills development, supplier development and socio-economic development in communities - all while paying homage to nature with our sustainable approaches.



Noleen our lead CMT is an inspirational women who is on the committee for Sonop Disability Center + Jack&Jill Creche in Kranshoek. she is creative and resourceful and has often upcycled our offcuts and excess fabrics for various projects. 

without her and the ladies we wouldn't be able to bring our visions to life, and create a brand from the heart space.

we'd love to collaborate and help bring your visions to life

'a term used to highlight community, clan or tribe'

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