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Our first collection is here.

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

MINA & MANU The Collection.

MINA & MANU is our first of many collections to come. It is a clothing range made from 100% Sustainable Fabrics.

Our aim for this collection was to seek a name that represented entirety & balance.

Entirety because our brand aims to incorporate the universal law of interconnectedness with nature and human life. Balance because the golden rule in life, at least in our eyes, is that everything is magic when in balance. Femininity and Masculinity. The Sun and the Moon. Consumption and regeneration.

Therefore, Mina & Manu represents balance to us. Directly translated from Sanskrit Mina means 'Gem' and Manu means the 'Son'. In its simplest form the balance between feminine and masculine energies, since our collection aims to have interchangeable, adaptable, anywhere and anyhow pieces that can be worn from the crack of Dawn to the break of Dusk.

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