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insight into the heart + soul

our intention for our brand is pure and simple. we hope to combine our passion for creating with our deep love and respect for mother nature, while being guided by our own pillars of mindfulness and gratitude.


through this project, we hope to develop a more intimate relationship with the natural world around us. by using natural fibres and upcycling dead stock fabrics, we are taking a conscious step towards the way nature intended it to be.

An idea that was sparked on a humid stroll through the streets of Bali - started by two friends, Shan & Kirst, who share a love for holistic living, the environment and all things beautiful.


Dawn to Dusk Collections is a proudly South African lifestyle brand, that aims to be ethical, sustainable & eco-aware. Inspired by travels and own lifestyles, through this a brand of dreams was born. The idea behind the brand is that the products form part of your everyday, from the crack of Dawn to the break of Dusk. 


'Dawn to Dusk truly has evolved and grown with us, and ultimately, was formed with our friendship as the foundation. A brand that represents connection - both to those we cherish and to Mother Nature.'

'may every sunrise hold more promise and every sunset hold more peace'

- umair siddiqui.

"We firmly believe that by promoting a transparent relationship between the consumer and the process of creation, there will be a necessary shift in how one values a garment, accessory or home decor item. As you begin to understand the story behind how and why our products are created, you become intimately involved in the evolution of our brand.


When you buy an item from our small business, you are not only fuelling our love and passion for creating, but simultaneously granting us the opportunity to learn and to grow, inspiring us to evolve in the most mindful way possible."


the wonder women behind the craft

our dream was to have all our garments sewn on the home ground of our beautiful coastal town, Plettenberg Bay. To create and work alongside woman who have the technical sewing skills to bring our visions to life.

'consciously care for community + a common cause.'

our hope for this brand is that it becomes a collaborative space for projects that allow for community improvement, and awareness about how we can make a change for the better.

We hope you love our collections and how they all have come to life as much as we do, creating a deeper connection to your authentic self and the natural world around you.

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