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Women's Business Retreat.

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Nima Lodge Feb 2021

The Heroines Journey // Reconnecting with the Feminine

The heroines journey begins with the “Separation from the feminine” and ends with the “integration of masculine and feminine.”

We spent the weekend in the rolling mountains of the Wilderness, in cabins touching the sky and dripping in the golden goodness of the sweet rays of the sun. A place so peaceful, that even the soul feels at ease.

Swallow’s swooped their delight through the panoramic dreamscape and lush greenery of Nima Lodge. A slight ocean view peaked through the mountains, as the vast valleys enticed a deep sense of the sublime. As the wind blew, the sound of the rolling waves delicately collided with the abundance of the natural world around us.

The Lapa area beamed in light, while we came together in a nurturing space that allowed for our individual stories to unfold. Nine women form across the world converged in the most beautiful way imaginable. We dived deep into the Matrilineal, uncovering layers of our past and present, of deep joy, and of sorrow. Touching on Societal, Early Childhood and Initiation mythology, in order to uncover some truth, in a soulful journey back to the Feminine. In amidst of the laughter and the vulnerability, we realised that life is merely a beautiful dance of learning, and unlearning. Of growing and expanding, and ultimately finding our way back home, to all those little things that bring us joy.

We came across the retreat at a crossroad in our Dawn to Dusk journey, as we were faced with a few hiccups and a slight lull in the creative process. What enticed us to the retreat, was that it embodied numerous factors that we established the Dawn to Dusk dream upon. The abundance of nature, a connection with the divine feminine, and a powerful sense of community. Combine all these factors in one, and you have a ‘Women in Business’ retreat in the mountains of Wilderness.

Here, we were inspired by nine wonderful women, each carving their own dreams and stories, finding their own way through this wild journey we call life. We have always spoken of the importance of nourishing the mind, body and the soul. And this retreat did exactly that. Kath, providing wisdom, and holding space for us to unravel our stories, allowing for pure nourishment of the mind. Karla sourcing local, organic produce from female farmers from the surrounding areas, creating wholesome meals with love, nourishing so much more than just the body. And Vida, creating the most magical and grounding physical space, surrounded by the abundance of nature, allowing like-minded people to come together in collaboration with nature, to deeply nourish the soul.

Paying homage to all those women that have come before us, that stand with us, and that will continue to write their own legacies after us. To Mother Nature, and the indigenous cultures whose lives are deeply rooted in sustainable practices. Flowing back to the source, treading lightly, and back to the way nature intended it to be.

We were reminded that there is great power in connection, of empowering others to come back to their truth. Of holding space, and creating space for the inner child to come back to the forefront of our worlds. Coming back to the things that have always brought us joy, and using that playfulness as guidance for moving forward. A space where we were re-inspired, to continue with our ethos that makes our customers feel something, a sense of interconnectedness - to nature and to all those around us. To create products that draw inspiration from nature, while protecting it at the same pace. To collaborate, to empower and to spread a little bit of love and light along the way, creating a deeper connection to our authentic selves and the natural world around us.

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