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Slow Fashion.

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Dawn to Dusk Collections is a small local lifestyle brand, originating in Plettenberg Bay along the sunny western coastline. Two friends who share an interest in saving the planet, conscious living, helping their community and of course fashion, decided to develop a concept based around the idea of 'slow fashion'.

With the increased awareness around the world about global warming, pollution, animal cruelty and health, we as humans are slowly moving towards a more conscious way of living. Through the years there has been a global shift towards conscious living practices, and the one we'd like to share with you today is that of slow fashion. As both of us love anything beautiful from clothing to jewellery to copious saved inspo of interior, we started to discuss the idea of creating our own little passion brand. However, along with this discussion came that of mass consumption, exploitation in the work place and waste. All serious issues in the mainstream fashion industry.

“Small batches of clothing made by hand so that each piece is a unique extension and gift from the clothing brand”

So here we were caught between a rock and a hard place. As two humans who strive to be more conscientious about how we live with our planet, and who want to express our passion and creativity in the form of material here began the investigation and brainstorming.

Our understanding of 'Slow Fashion'

Here is our definition of slow fashion 'small batches of clothing made by hand so that each piece is a unique extension and gift from the clothing brand'.

Our main aim is to use and empower local talent and support local manufacturers. Our Natural fabrics are locally sourced from suppliers around South Africa - primarily Durban and Cape Town, while our patterns and garments, supporting slow and mindful fashion, are handmade with love by two lovely local ladies, Linda & Mirinda. So by slow fashion what we mean is that each garment has gone through a process whereby each detail has been carefully, and consciously thought out and created in order to provide our customers with a unique, sustainable piece of clothing that narrates an authentic story of sustainability and mindfulness, for our community and for Mother Nature herself.

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